Fifth National Periodical Youth Conference (Cairo – Al-Masa Hotel) May 2018

The conference activities started from El-Massa hotel in Cairo governorate

In its first session, the conference witnessed an active discussion on the role of youth and activating political participation, entitled “A youth vision to analyze Egypt’s political scene”, as well as a seminar on activating youth participation, as being the main engine of the current political life and the category on which President Abd EL Fattah Al Sisi concentrates.

The second session is entitled “The Egyptian State’s vision for the next four years”, and is reviewed by a group of young people of the National Training Academy for Leadership Rehabilitation, in which youth present the most important extract of visions for the Egyptian state in the next four years.

The third session will be entitled “Ask the President”, during which the President, Mr. Sisi, will answer the most prominent questions he has received from citizens during the last days through the official page dedicated to the initiative.