About the World Youth Forum

World Youth Forum is a platform that sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the entire world built by promising youth. Engaging youth from around the globe in an enriching platform allowing them to express their views and recommend initiatives to decision makers and different influential figures.
The forum is a chance for you to engage with top policymakers, network with promising youth from the region and the world who are determined to create real change affecting the world we live in today.


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Why should I attend the World Youth Forum

The World Youth Forum is a free platform bringing together youth from around the world together with the decision makers and different influential officials. The forum is a chance for you to engage with top policy-makers in the region and network with promising youth in the region and the world that are determined to create change in the world we live in today.
The forum is also a chance to explore Egypt with its rich culture, heritage and history. The Egyptian culture has a lot to offer for both locals and visitors who are looking for rich experiences. Whether you are interested in its ancient history, food, or any other adventure, Egypt, and its people are sure to fascinate you.


Forum Pillars

The World Youth Forum program is divided into various pillars tackling themes and topics of interest to international youth, creating a platform to express views, present ideas and share experiences, throughout its sessions.

Youth Global Issues

It includes the topics of terrorism and the role of youth in confronting them, the climate change challenge, irregular migration and refugees, the contribution of young people to building and maintaining peace in conflict zones, and how to employ the potential of youth for development.

Sustainable Development, Technology and Entrepreneurship

It will identify the visions of youth to achieve sustainable development around the world, and a chance to review international experiences in the process of achieving the goals of sustainable development. In addition to giving the opportunity for youth to present their innovative experiences in the field of entrepreneurship, while discussing the impact of technology on youth’s lives.

Civilizations and Culture

It will include discussions about culture, art and identity, where there will be room to talk about how different civilizations and cultures can be integrated and complement each other. Discussing the diversity of the civilizations and cultures, and how arts and literature can help resolve conflicts and wars. In addition to understanding globalization’s effect on the cultural identity of youth.

Creating Future Leaders

It will review international best case practices in training young people and the role of states and societies in creating future leaders.

Model United Nations

The Forum will also witness a simulation of the UN Security Council, where more than 60 young people from around the world will participate. Through their participation in this model, these young people will be able to practice a vivid experience of being representatives of the UN Security Council, helping them identify and work on various points of view and solutions during the discussion of different topics that include; the threats to global peace and security, and the challenges facing countries as a result of waves of irregular migration, and cyber wars and its threat to state security.

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